Dr. Meenakshi Soni

MPT (Neuro) MIAP Ortho & Neuro Specialist

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Neck and Back pain

We specialise in the treatment of 

  1. Poor postural alignment and control .
  2. Shoulder and arm pain/ referred from the neck .
  3. Sciatica referred by the lower back or hip .
  4. Recurrent headache .
  5. Acute /chronic neck and back pain/ injuries .
  6. If you use prolonged mobile phone so it may affect your neck so this pain converted into your headache or neck pain .

Core muscle group control and stability retraining .            

Other Treatments :

  • mobalization and manipulation of stiff joints .
  • Range of movement and strengthening exercises . 
  • Postural alignment retraining .
  • Ergonomics advice .